Bechtheim Riesling

Dreissigacker Bechtheim Riesling

Our Bechtheim Riesling represents the characteristic diversity of the soils and climate of our village Bechtheim. The grapes origins from the four top vineyards of around the village. These vineyards form the basis for a Riesling with distinctive characteristics and herbal flavors.

Only fully ripe grapes from these top vineyards, harvested by hand in small batches - that's what Dreissigacker Bechtheim Riesling is made of. The organic Riesling is vinified in stainless steel and oak barrels, which results in an extraordinary maturity potential and a perfect balance of complexity and freshness. 

Dreissigacker Bechtheim Riesling is available at Must & Lees in London and online.

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Biodynamic viticulture

In fact, sustainability and patience are the most important factors for our wines. The basis for our Dreissigacker wine is the soil. It is the foundation and responsible for something to grow and develop. We take this responsibility towards the environment seriously and produce Dreissigacker wines exclusively through biodynamic viticulture.


Mature German Riesling

In the early 20th century, mature German Rieslings were praised as masterpieces and cost even more than the most expensive Bordeaux and Burgundy wines. Winemakers had mastered the art of producing wines with incredible ageing potential. Jochen Dreissigacker wanted to restore this ancestors’ legacy, preserve traditions, and outperforming an ancient art. One thing above all was crucial to achieving this goal: Time. Time for his vines to grow, time to do everything he needed to do and time for his wine to develop, to strengthen, and to take shape.

Dreissigacker organic German winery

Our wines are indeed special and maybe not »Everybodys Darling«. We produce wines which are polarizing in many ways. However, they have already many fans around the world and the fanbase is rapidly growing. Our wines don’t represent any pattern, cliché, or any other stereotype. We try to create original, pure, and unique wines instead. Our task is to bring the soils and terroir as gentle as possible into the bottle.

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