Dreissigacker Wunderwerk


Dreissigacker Wunderwerk combines two completely contrasting single sites in Rheinhessen to create unprecedented sensory experiences: The site cuvees Wunderwerk Riesling, Wunderwerk Grauburgunder and Wunderwerk Spätburgunder. Each cuvee contains the contrasting flavours of the sun of Bechtheim and the coolness of the Westhofen vineyards. Only through our patient ageing process they mature into a uniquely complex whole. We have deliberately left the purity of the single sites behind us to create space for a miracle: Unusual wines - unadapted and at the same time infinitely harmonious.


The Wunderwerk wines have their roots in two different premium sites. In soils with distinctive compositions that produce wines with independent - and idiosyncratic - characters. 

 The grapes from the Bechtheim vineyards Geyersberg, Hasensprung and Rosengarten are allowed to ripen in abundance, saturated by warmth and light they develop present, multi-layered and powerful flavours. In Westhofen, the harsher microclimate dictates a slower rhythm. Defying the chilly winds over Morstein, Aulerde and Kirchspiel, the vines here persistently draw their strength from the mineral soil to later develop Dreissigacker single site wines with a clear and delicate style. 

 According to our conviction, we see ourselves merely as a supporting element while nature does its work. By deliberately reducing yields, we concentrate the specialties of the two vineyards in just a few grapes. This results in wines that clearly showcase their specific origins in individual flavours. 

 If each vineyard produces its own work of art, why bring them together? Override their purity? Break the sensory personalities of the resulting wines? What drives us to do this?


At Dreissigacker winery, we allow wines that were grown separately to mature together. After two years on the yeast, a courageous rapprochement becomes a bond. After several years in the bottle, they develop an inseparable depth. A completely new entity is created. If the fusion had not been dared, the world would have lost something. 

In the Wunderwerk wines, the two opposing layers unite to create a complex and affecting experience. Powerful without being overpowering. Expressive without immediately telling the whole story. At the end of a patient ageing period is a Wunderwerk Grauburgunder that does not claim to be pleasingly balanced, but instead draws on the harmony of heterogeneous flavours. A nuanced Rheinhessen Riesling marvel that impresses with a variety of fine notes. And a sublime, complete red wine in the form of an elegant Wunderwerk Spätburgunder.

The three varieties in the Wunderwerk wine collection are enigmatic wines that demand concentration. They want to be discussed. They are difficult to put into words. Just like a miracle.