About the Dreissigacker Academy

From wine lover to wine connoisseur: the Dreissigacker Academy takes you on a tour of our wine estate. In this way, we would like to pass on our accumulated wine knowledge to you and reveal our philosophy and values - involve you and take you away into the world of wine.

The Dreissigacker Academy gives you an honest, in-depth insight into our work as winegrowers in the vineyards, into the small-scale vinification of our wines and we show you the characteristics of our cellars and storage facilities. In addition, we support you with practical videos on your way to becoming a wine expert. For us, Dreissigacker means a lot of passion and fascination for nature and, of course, for wine. We are happy to share this feeling, appreciation, and wine knowledge with you. 


The Dreissigacker wines are stand-alone, genuine and unique. We have made it our task to develop our wines close to nature - because in the end we want to transport the soils and the sites gently into the bottle. Responsibility for our nature, time and passion characterise our wines.

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Quality levels

At Dreissigacker, we generally have three quality levels: GUTSWEIN (estate wines), ORTSWEIN (village wines), LAGENWEIN (single site wines). These three quality levels for wine are based on the origin of the grapes. These quality levels are complimented by the WUNDERWERK series and the unique EINZIGACKER.

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Vinification in wooden barrels

Complexity and originality - these are the hallmarks of Dreissigacker wines. Vinification in wooden barrels combined with maturation in stainless steel tanks creates unique wines. Wine ageing in wooden barrels brings out particularly angular and edgy wines and gives them an equal counterpart.

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Fermentation Cellar for single site wines

The small-scale vinification forms the basis of our multi-layered, unique Dreissigacker single site wines. The detailed work that we put into the cultivation and harvest is continued in the small stainless steel tanks. The result: unique, distinctive wines.

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A vintage is developing

Throughout the year, the Dreissigacker team devotes itself with passion and dedication to the production of Dreissigacker wines. From cultivation to harvesting to bottling - every single step pays off in the end in terms of quality and the result in the bottle. Until a Dreissigacker wine is bottled, the vineyard and the winery demand daily feats from the entire team. We would like to show you what happens at the Dreissigacker winery throughout the year and take you along with us month by month through the Dreissigacker wine year. 

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