Single Sites

The vineyards in Bechtheim and Westhofen

The six single sites of the Dreissigacker winery are located in the middle of Rheinhessen around Bechtheim and Westhofen. Each vineyard is individual and multi-faceted and shapes the Dreissigacker wines in its very own way. The vineyards in Bechteim, Geyersberg, Hasensprung and Rosengarten are spoilt with plenty of sunshine almost all year round and allow you to taste the warmth with every sip.
The grapes from the vineyards in Westhofen take more time to ripen due to the cooler climate and produce mineral Rieslings.


Geyersberg is one of the best and warmest vineyard sites in Rheinhessen. Weathered limestone and loess soils combined with a unique climate provide the basis for incomparable Rieslings. The vines yield rich, expressive, complex wines with a smoky note and exceptional ageing potential.


Hasensprung has lots of heavy clay soils with minor intercalations of sand. Therefore, the vines can root deeply and amply nourish themselves with water and nutrients from deeper layers of the soil even in the dry summer months. The grapes ripen exceptionally slowly, resulting in concentrated, full-bodied, gentle and aromatic wines with a strong, distinctive character.


The main soil types at Rosengarten, which neighbours Geyersberg, are loess and limestone gravel. Rosengarten is one of the warmest locations in Bechtheim, and so the wines are bursting with mature, concentrated fruit flavours that linger on the palate. On top of that, the lighter soil gives them a refined character with a fresh, floral taste.


Limestone, marl and loess soils predominate at Aulerde. The wines from this site combine the minerality of Westhofen vineyards with incredible complexity and maturity – a product of the location’s high temperatures. These properties of the Aulerde Rieslings are further heightened by ageing in oak barrels. The result is rich, complex wine that balances power and freshness.


Fossiliferous limestone and limestone gravel soils give wines made from Kirchspiel grapes a fantastic, nuanced and elegant character. The big difference between daytime and nighttime temperatures gives the grapes an exceptionally intense flavour. The soil composition is perfect for storing water and nutrients, which in combination with the cool westerly winds yields wines with a deep, minerally, straightforward character. Each one is utterly unique with long ageing potential.


The topsoil at Morstein, one of Germany’s most acclaimed vineyard sites, comprises heavy marls with intercalations of limestone. The subsoil is dominated by layers of aquiferous limestone gravel, which provides ample minerals and nutrients. This soil composition is responsible for the vineyard’s exceptional minerality, which results in late maturation and an extremely long vegetation period – yielding elegant, acidic wines with a refined, cool flavour and high ageing potential.