In den Reben 1 – The Dreissigacker Winery

Laying the foundations for the future: it all started with the excavation of almost 9,000 cubic metres of soil. Our vision was to bring our winemaking back to nature, back to its beating heart. To build a new winery nestled amidst the vineyards, in harmony with its surroundings, with ample space to work and ideal conditions for our wines to mature for years. Inspired by this idea, we commissioned the architectural company Severain to design a building that harnesses the site’s natural resources. The slope of the hill allows wine to flow gently from one section to the next with no need for a pump, and has a natural cooling effect that saves energy; grape pomace is used for heating; rainwater is harvested and reused; and electricity is generated on the roof. The designers also added plenty of refined aesthetic touches: for instance, a LED strip that runs around the building and creates a sense of buoyant lightness.

Jochen Dreissigacker

Jochen Dreissigacker

 With a lot of ambition and enthusiasm, Jochen Dreissigacker has led his parents' winery in Bechtheim into the future. His maxim? Think disruptively. Never stand still. And, as paradoxical as it sounds, he gives his top wines, above all, plenty of time.



  Creating wines is not a solo program, but a joint effort. It can only work really well if everyone involved is optimally attuned to one another. When a symbiosis is created. Like the individual, perfectly matched components of a cuvée. This is the only way to create a wine that in turn creates extraordinary and unmistakable moments.

Single Site Rieslings

We want to make our soils and vineyards tangible in Bechtheim, as well as in Westhofen, we have our own unique vineyards and an unmistakable microclimate. Our wines are characterised by their independence and uniqueness, and we want to transport these into our bottles as unadulterated as possible.

Experience Dreissigacker

Not only do we devote ourselves extensively to our wines, but we also like to take a lot of time for our customers. Please feel free to contact us for visits to the Dreissigacker Winery.