Jochen Dreissigacker is shaping a new style with the maturation of Weissburgunder grapes in 500-litre oak barrels. Through its innovative spirit, the Dreissigacker team has developed a unique, independent Weissburgunder with Einzigacker, which reveals pure aromatics and enormous ageing potential. Success factors for the exciting liaison of Weissburgunder and the fine wood notes of the Tonneau barrel are time, courage and an extremely high standard of workmanship. The result is a precisely matured white wine that is particularly powerful without losing any of its elegance. A very special wine experience.

Dreissigacker Einzigacker

Weissburgunder meets Tonneau

In 2005, Jochen Dreissigacker took on the challenge of creating a Pinot Blanc with great ageing potential for the first time. In doing so, he followed the style of elegant Chardonnays from Burgundy. For an exciting, unique result, Jochen Dreissigacker chose a new style and decided to age the Weissburgunder grapes from the top Bechtheim sites in tonneau barrels. The beginning of Einzigacker - a unique, independent and above all special wine.

Vines and grapes

Powerful vines – Einzigacker

The sites in Bechtheim have a particularly high proportion of limestone, which ensures the balanced, fresh taste of the grapes. The grapes for Einzigacker come from sites whose vines are at least 40 years old. The high age of the vines brings a lot of strength to the wines. The Weissburgunder grape variety requires careful vineyard management and a great deal of know-how in order to achieve outstanding results. The foundation for this is laid by biodynamic cultivation, which the Dreissigacker winery consistently pursues. For the Dreissigacker Einzigacker, the grapes are halved in early summer. The maximum yield reduction allows the grapes to ripen particularly beautifully without losing freshness. Another important success factor in the cultivation of Pinot Blanc vines is the optimal cultivation of the foliage. Here, it is important to only partially remove the leaves so that the foliage wall is well ventilated, but the grapes are also sufficiently protected from too much sunlight and rain.

The vinification

Gentle ageing for unique results

After the selective harvest by hand, the grapes are transported to the winery in small unit containers. Once arrived, they are allowed to cool overnight before they are pressed by foot the next day. The berries now steep in their own juice for a few hours, after which they are gently pressed. At every stage of the vinification process, the Dreissigacker winery places particular emphasis on high standards of craftsmanship and gentle, careful handling of the grapes - the basis for outstanding Dreissigacker wines. After sedimentation, the juice is filled into 500-litre oak barrels and fermented spontaneously. The wine then matures on the lees for at least 1.5 years.


Matured with tranquillity - Einzigacker

The time on the yeast as well as the 500-litre oak barrel give the Einzigacker Weissburgunder its special characteristics. Einzigacker is one of the most sophisticated wines in the Dreissigacker range. The Weissburgunder is characterised by spicy toasty aromas and has a powerful character. Due to the freshness of the grapes, however, it does not lose elegance as well as delicacy and retains a fine structure. This extraordinary, unique combination gives the Einzigacker Weissburgunder its unmistakable, one-of-a-kind character. The exclusive wine experience is completed by an enormous ageing potential. We recommend opening the wine at the appropriate time and storing it for at least two to three years.